Monday, September 27, 2010

Two Updates

I just published two updates:

IntegralCalc 0.9.3:
- new Button "calculate area" added that calculates the area under the curve

Sudoku Solver 0.9.2:
- numbers, that have been added to the Sudoku are now displayed in grey

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Android Programming record

Almost four weeks ago, I published my first Android App, IntegralCalc. Five days ago, I published Sudoku Solver. Today, I want to present some numbers:

- 328 active installs (50%)
- Ratings: 3.3 Stars (6 ratings; received only 1, 4 and 5 stars)
- AdMob: ca. 9000 impressions, CTR: 0.31 %

Sudoku Solver
- 139 active installs (67%)
- Ratings: 3.8 Stars (5 ratings; received only 1, 3 and 5 stars)
- AdMob: ca. 2400 impressions, CTR: 0.34 %

So all in all, I think both apps started well and their download numbers are increasing steadily. Apparently, IntegralCalc does not work with all handsets which caused two 1-star-ratings. I also have error reports that I have not reviewed yet. Sudoku Solver had a bug when it was published which I already fixed, but it is the reason for one 1-star-rating^^

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Improving Sudoku Solver

I'd like to improve Sudoku Solver so that it can do more by logic and less by trying. In order to do that, I need information about how human-beings solve it by logic. So, if you like, I'd appreciate it if you would solve this one and let me know the answer ;)

Introducing Sudoku Solver

today I want to introduce my new App "Sudoku Solver" to you. More than a year ago, I started to write a programm that could solve Sudoku puzzles. After months of leaving it unfinished, I finally completed it and put an Android UI on top of it. It solves Sudoku puzzles using the usual logic and a "try and check" algorythm that finishes it if it hasn't before.
Since yesterday, verion 0.9.1 is availiable on the Android market (after having to update 2 times because of a stupid bug^^).

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Introducing IntegralCalc

Hello there,
 I'd like to introduce IntegralCalc to you. It is a small Android App that calculates any definite Integral for you. Right now, it is at version 0.9.2 and therefore already received two Updates, adding an AdMob ad and a German translation.
It is available at the Android Market, but here are the screenshots ;) :

First Post

Hey guys,
this is the first post in my new Blog in which I will publish any information that might be important for the rest of the world ;)
For now, this will probably be about Android programming but maybe I will add other topics to it in the future...