Thursday, December 30, 2010

Late post

Sorry that I forgot to post about the updates that I published on the 24th:

Sudoku Solver 1.5:
 - tablet support

Function Inspector 1.0:
 - ability to display roots (LITE and PRO), extrema (PRO) and intersections with other graphs (PRO)
 - animated windows

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Optimization for tablets

After downloading the GALAXY Tab emulator today, I tried all of my Apps on it.
And: it actually looked pretty good!
Sudoku Solver and ProbabilityCalc had to be optimized and at least Sudoku Solver will be updated soon for big screens support. Furthermore, all of the home-made graphics don't look as sharp because I usually don't provide high-resolution images which is the next thing I will overdo in the future.... Here are the screenshots:

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Two updates

Hey those are my newest updates:

Function Inspector 0.9.3:
 - this fixes several bugs like zooming issues and problems with saving screenshots

Sudoku Solver 1.0.5:
 - actually two updates that fix crashes with more complex Sudokus

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Function Inspector Update

Actually, it's almost a week ago that I published the second update for Function Inspector. Also, I didn't post on the first (minor) update. I'm sorry for that ;)

Function Inspector 0.9.1:
 - improved icon
 - faster scrolling

Function Inspector 0.9.2:
 - improved (dynamic) zoom
 - several bugfixes
 - less Upgrade-advises ^^
 - ability to share and open screenshots off the app

Today, I fixed a quite serious bug on Sudoku Solver which will be included in this weekend's update ;)

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Introducing Function Inspector!

The last couple of month I've been working hard to get ready my new App "Function Inspector".
It features the ability to plot up to three functions, include a parameter, take screenshots and a very user-friendly UI! Here are the Screenshots:

It is published in two versions: LITE and PRO. The screenshots are of the PRO version. The PRO version is 0.99 Euro whereas the LITE version is free. With the LITE version you can only plot one Function at a time, you cannot toggle to fullscreen mode, the screenshots will have watermarks and it will contain ads ;)

Two updates

IntegralCalc 1.0.3:
- just another speed increase ;)

SudokuSolver 1.0.4:
- added Italian language (Thanks to Antonio!)