Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Chinese translations!

Hey guys,
globalization is unstoppable! Some days ago, the Chinese company NetDragon contacted me in order to make an agreement to distribute my Apps on their Chinese market. They also offered to translate all of my Apps into Chinese which is what the recent updates are about, meaning IntegralCalc 1.0.4, ProbabilityCalc 0.8.1, Sudoku Solver (donate) 1.5.1 and FunctionInspector PRO/LITE 1.1.1 (also including minor improvements)!

With those changes I hope to be able to welcome even more users from all over the world!

Belayed update Information regarding Function Inspector

I often seem to forget to blog about important updates!
Almost two weeks ago, I released a Function Inspector update...

Function Inspector 1.1:
- Bug fixes
- Settings! including
- light color schema

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Function Inspector Update

Function Inspector 1.0.1:
- now displays Button icons centered on hdpi devices