Sunday, October 10, 2010

1000th user!

Yesterday, I exceeded the 1000 active installs with both Apps combined which seems like a good occasion to do a new statistic!

- 606 active installs (50%)
- Rating: 3.375 (8 Ratings)
- Admob: ca.20,000 impressions; CTR: 0.26%

Sudoku Solver:
- 414 active installs (62%)
- Rating: 4.0 (8 Ratings)
- Admob: ca. 18,000 impressions; CTR: 0.21%

Even though IntegralCalc's impressions and CTR are slightly higher than those of Sudoku Solver, I already gained more money with Sudoku Solver. I'm also proud to announce that I already earned more that $5 ;)
IntegralCalc still does not seem to work for some people, but I'm unable to understand the error reports or finding the bug :( So if somebody gets an error, please give detailed information about your phone model, Android version and what you did before you got the error!
Future updates will improve the design of the Apps in order to make them more attractive. Solving the Sudoku puzzle I posted earlier could also help improving Sudoku Solver's speed.
Finally, I am planning on publishing my third App which, of course, is top secret ;)

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