Sunday, November 7, 2010

2000 active installs exceeded!

After I published an update for Sudoku Solver yesterday, installation numbers, again, went up significantly. Those are my statistics right now:

- 879 active installs (42%)
- Rating: 3.56 (9 Ratings)
- Admob: ca.26,000 impressions; CTR: 0.14% last 30 days

Sudoku Solver:
- 1123 active installs (52%)
- Rating: 4.28 (18 Ratings)
- Admob: ca. 49,000 impressions; CTR: 0.21%

- 132 active installs (38%)
- Rating: 2.5 (4 Ratings)
- Admob: ca. 6,000 impressions; CTR: 0.30%

Well, as you can see, my last app, ProbabilityCalc, is not THAT successful^^ I've got one comment that says that the concept is hard to understand and it seems unfinished. Please email me if you have any concrete suggestions ;) But, honestly, I'm not working on improving it that much (I have not published any updates yet) because i don't consider it to be very important. I'm rather working on making my fourth app ;)
Sudoku Solver is a huge success. I'm very pleased with the download numbers, the ratings and the resulting earnings ;) Still, I have some improvements that I want to make step by step...
IntegralCalc is kind of finished^^ I have no recent bug reports and I think that it has all the functionality that you could possibly put into an integral calculator ;)

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