Monday, April 25, 2011

Function Inspector coming to Desktops!

I just renamed the title of this blog from "Android-Blog" to "Dev-Blog" because I just finished a very early preview of a Desktop version of Function Inspector:

A very, very early build of Function Inspector Web which will probably be a Java applet in the future.

In fact, this is my very first useful (to some extend) software that is not written for Android. Of course, I was able to reuse all of the functionality because both is written in Java.

As you can see on the screenshot, I chose a layout that is quite similar to how the Android app is structured.

Those are the things that are working:

  • Draw one function: It can draw any function entered in the huge text field. It should also recognize discontinuities like in tan(x)
  • Pan and zoom: Just drag the area and use your mouse wheel to zoom
  • Display roots, extrema and inflection points: It does not return the coordinates, though 
Everything else just won't do anything ;)

I am planning to create a dedicated website and upload it as a Java Applet. For now it is available for you to test it as a Windows *.exe file:


  1. Wow pretty amazing :) If its written in Java could you make a .jar file of it so I can try it on my Mac? Good work!

  2. Thanks!
    Yeah, as I said, I plan to make it a Java Applet so it can run on any Desktop without installing, but for the next preview (when hopefully everything will be working), I can also post the JAR file ;)

  3. it would be very nice to have a german FI Applet, so that your friends could use it too...xD

  4. Actually, here you've got the JAR file:

    You know, Willi, translating it to German has a very low priority :P
    But it would be nice if one day, it could be a website that is localized to whatever country the user opening it from....