Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Function Inspector & IntegralCalc updates!

New Splash Screen for
Function Inspector
One thing that I got a lot of complaints about was the very limited amout of functions that one could use in an equation in Function Inspector. Today's update adresses this problem! IntegralCalc has been updated as well, changing the same thing.

Those are the changes of Function Inspector 3.1:

  • More functions like abs(), asin(), sinh(), asinh(), ... (Also applies to IntegralCalc 2.5)
  • A Splash Screen is now shown while the app is loading anyway
  • New Ad Network in LITE version (also for IntegralCalc 2.5) in order to hopefully make more money xD

The second page of Function Inspector's
new keyboard with new functions and an
Also, I increased the price of Function Inspector PRO from 0.99 € to 1.49 € which I think is still a price that the app is worth ;)
I hope you like this update!

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