Sunday, May 15, 2011

Function Inspector one of "Best Mathematical Graph Plotters"

I just found an article from which compares Function Inspector with 2 more Android graph plotters, AndroPlotter and Grapher.

This is what it says about Function Inspector:

Function Inspector Lite has a few features in addition to those in the other two. However, most of these can only be used to the full in the paid (PRO) version of the application.The app sports only the most essential functions, can plot only one function at a time in the free and up to a maximum of 3 in the paid version. Still, features like the ability to display roots and other special points of plotted functions and three modes of interaction with the graph window namely panning, tracing and slope (PRO version only) modes do indeed make it the “most advanced graphing calculator available on the Market”. Another feature that catches the eye is the real-time update of the graph with every change made in the entered function.
Since it was compared to two free apps I understand the critique that many features are only available in the PRO version. And the fact that the app does not offer a lot of functions will be an incentive for future versions.
All in all, I think this is a pretty good review! Which can be proven by the bottom line of the article:
If you’re all for functionality and are ready to spend some cash, Function Inspector is the way to go.
So far, this was the first review on my app. Please comment if you found more ;)

But for know, I will focus on version 3.0 which will probably launch in 2 weeks!

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