Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I'm back!

It has been some time since I last posted here or published an update to one of my Android Apps. This has a lot to do with my studies in Software Engineering as well as a new job I got.

But now, I'm back to continue my personal projects. Of course, the main focus will be on Function Inspector as it is by far the most successful and most complex project for now. Function Inspector LITE, for example, has been downloaded almost 80,000 times...

Yesterday, I published an update fixing the issue you can see on the screenshot I got from a user. This occurred on Android Jelly Bean for the first time, I'm sorry for any inconveniences ;)

So there is a lot to do. This is my To-Do-List for Function Inspector:

  • Refactoring: Most of the code is older than a year, and I'm pretty sure my programming skills have improved since then ;)
  • Performance improvements and bug fixes: Some parts of the app could probably be optimized.
  • Design: The design of Function Inspector seems kind of outdated and does not fit into the new Android 4.x design. For example, I could get rid of the menu button.
  • Tablet support: The Function Inspector UI works fine on tablets, but it could certainly be optimized.
  • New functionality? Here, I'm hoping for some user suggestions.
  • Marketing: As satisfying as download numbers are, there are many people out there that could probably need this app.

So as you can see, it won't get boring!

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