Sunday, March 6, 2011

Andspot Market: USD 1.25 for Function Inspector PRO

I just uploaded Sudoku Solver, IntegralCalc and Function Inspector LITE/PRO onto the Andspot Market.
This is a new Android app market that adds social features to the usual market experience. Here is a quote from the email they sent me:
All users can:
    • Directly Message you for support and feedback
    • Build a Community around your app
    • Find your app through their Friend
    • Share your app on Facebook and Twitter
    • Purchase or donate money using Paypal

Also, there is a very important difference to the Android Market: The developer can (at least for now) keep 80% of the sale price! Therefore, I can offer Function Inspector PRO for USD 1.25 (EUR 0.89) instead of USD 1.49 (EUR 0.99) in the Android Market!

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