Sunday, March 27, 2011

Function Inspector 2.7

On Friday, I published the new version of Function Inspector which has the following changes:

  • Improved look: As you can see on th picture, I turned on anti-aliasing which makes numbers look a lot better
  • Extra folder for screenshots: Screenshots are no longer saved in the root directory of the SD card but in the folder you specify in the settings
  • Improved buy dialog: Users of the LITE version can now choose from which market they want to buy the PRO version. For now, the AndroidPIT App Center is listed beside Android Market. I chose to let the user choose their market in order to let competition between the markets do some work ;)
  • Bug Fixes: For example that "set a" works all the time, even if it is bigger than the maximum a.
As you can see, the changes are not that significant considering that it took about two weeks. This has to do with stress at school which will hopefully end with easter holidays when I'm going towards graduation ;)

Also, I want to thank everyone that provided feedback. During the last days, I received lots of feedback through my survey or through email which has been very useful!

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